Thursday, October 23, 2008


My Grandpa H. has been sick, so we decided to make a photo card for him.  The boys were so excited to color and draw on it.  When I tried to get a picture of them with it, the crazy antics began.  I have no idea how professional children's photographers do it.  We ended up with more out-takes than good ones.  I'm grateful for reminding myself to take deep breaths and to just go with it.  That should be my parenting mantra.  Take a deep breath and just go with it.  I'm also very grateful that Grandpa is doing much better now.


Colorado Kid said...

This made me laugh. I can almost hear Oliver giggling and Sophie looks like she's thinking about your mantra, too.

Dragon said...

LOL I'm enjoying this having been through it, trying to take pictures with 5 characters!

Afreaka said...

CK, that's so true about Sophie!
I need that for my parenting mantra, too. I should make a big sign and post it in my home.