Monday, April 20, 2009


The boys' favorite FHE activity is "Don't Eat Pete!" I'm thankful for our FHE binder. I use it nearly every week.


Dragon said...

Whst kind of game is "Don't Eat Pete!"

Afreaka said...

We love "Don't Eat Pete"!
Sometimes we like to change it to "Don't Eat the Prophet".

Clammy said...

Can you explain it to me?

Chickadee said...

So, you make a grid on paper, I think it might be 5x4. You put one piece of candy in each square. You have someone leave the room. Decide which one is Pete, but don't tell the person in the other room. Have the person come back and start eating, one by one. When they eat Pete everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!" and their turn is over. The point is to see how many you can eat before you eat Pete.

Afreaka said...

We play with a grid with pictures printed in each box: animals or people or whatever.

When we play 'Don't Eat the Prophet', there are (obviously) pictures of prophets printed in each box. Then we'll yell out, "Don't eat Gordon B. Hinckley", or whoever was picked to be "Pete". It helped the kids identify the prophets.

It's a silly game, that is actually quite fun. We haven't played it in a while. Thanks for the reminder, Chick!

Chickadee said...

Those are great ideas.