Friday, May 1, 2009


We had a blast at the school carnival. Aidan asked this clown to make a balloon dinosaur. The clown couldn't do it. Instead Aidan ended up with a motorcycle. What kind of clown can't make a dinosaur? If he can make a dog surely he can figure out a dinosaur.

I'm thankful we can help the school raise money by doing something fun instead of having to buy a bunch of wrapping paper.


Colorado Kid said...

Laughing! Still a cool picture

Dragon said...

That would be a disappointment. I'll bet the next time he's asked he will have figured out a way to do it.

Clammy said...

Yeah you would think that it wouldn't be too much different than a dog with a long neck or something like that. Funny.

AZ Hey-mon said...

Seriously,little boy=dinosaur love.