Saturday, May 9, 2009


I surprised the family with a trip to the strawberry patch this morning. Aidan declared, "this is the best day of my life!" I'm thankful he can still be just as thrilled picking strawberries as he can be going to an amusement park.

Anyone have a good strawberry recipe? I've made two batches of sorbetto, freezer jam, and shortcake sauce. A pie is on the docket for tomorrow. But that still leaves me with about 7.5 pounds to use up.


Colorado Kid said...

Mmm! That reminds me of summers working on my friends strawberry u-pick in NW Wash. I like to make fruit leather with them. (Not that I ever do it usually, but it tastes so good!)

Cherie said...

I need your recipe for sorbetto. I still have a bunch of strawberries left over also!

Dragon said...

I have grandma D's frozen strawberry jam recipe

Dragon said...

why not just freeze the whole berries until you decide what to do with them. Wish we still had u-pick fields close by. What use to be u=pick fields are now houses near us.

Clammy said...

This makes me miss MA!!! =(

Every year I make a strawberry rhubarb pie that Weston loves.

You could make smoothies with them.

Oh and the other day I made a strawberry mock cheese cake thing that was in the Kraft was SO good.

AZ Hey-mon said...

I love home made fruit leather.
but I so as Dragon said and freeze whole w/o the stems to make smoothies with.

YOu are breaking your nnew kitchen in with all these strawberry projects.