Monday, May 18, 2009


I just recently saw the movie Marley and Me. It was like someone has been spying on my life for the last 15 years and decided to make it into a movie (only they made up the ending)! They especially got it right when they had Jennifer Aniston play the leading lady. Ha! Anyway, I bawled. I worry about my doggies now that they're getting old. Despite all the craziness, I love my puppies. I'm grateful when I can relate to a movie.


Colorado Kid said...

Oh, this pup looks so sweet and beautiful! Is it Newt? I love his eyes.

Did you read the book? I bought the movie when it came out but haven't been able to watch it again. Too much like Willie at end. :(

I didn't know your pups were naughty! ;) And you're way prettier than Aniston!

Chickadee said...

Yes, this is Newt.

Our house in New Mexico had carpet when we moved in, but one Christmas Newt stole a 3 lb. box of chocolates off the counter and ate it. He was sooo sick. We had to replace all the carpet in the house after that. When we left the dogs with a dog sitter once they tore up a sofa. I was dragged down a sidewalk once by our dogs who were trying to go play with another dog. Simon peed on Rick's dad inside our house. They are very rambunctious greeters. And you know how much Simon likes to share his toys! We're just lucky that our dog beach is usually deserted.