Monday, June 15, 2009


First day of First Grade to the last day. Aside from the fact that my kid hasn't had a haircut all year (well, not really, but he really needs one now) I can't believe how much he has grown in every way. He couldn't carry all the trophies he received at last week's awards ceremony. I couldn't be any more proud. He has worked so hard. He deserves a vacation! I'm thankful he also had a better teacher this year. It has made a huge difference.


Colorado Kid said...

Congratulations! It's such an important year and it's been fun going through it with him in pictures. (So glad for the better teacher, too!)

Afreaka said...

What a good idea for a picture.

That's cool that he won lots of trophies. Way to go, Aidan!

AZ Hey-mon said...

He just looks so big. what a great kid!

Clammy said...

I am glad that he had a better teacher. A good teacher seems to make all the difference.