Thursday, June 18, 2009

169: Living in the past and strutting your stuff

I was reading through Aidan's social studies workbook. There is a section called "Discovering Past and Present Times." Here's some of what it says: "Past Transportation: Walking, riding horses, or riding in a wagon. Present Transportation: Riding in cars, airplanes, trains, and space shuttles.
"Past Family Life: Handmade clothes, homemade games, and family vegetable gardens. Present Family Life: Store-bought clothes, electronic games, and microwave food."
I'm livin' in the past, man! Is it just me, or is this kind of... I don't know... for some reason it makes me shake my head.

Anyway, this guy was strutting his stuff at the farm today. It was like peacock paparazzi because there were so many people trying to take his picture. I got lucky and he put on a private show for me before there was anyone else there. And I only had my little P&S camera. Yes, I feel special.

I'm thankful I'm still living in the past a little bit. I still like to walk, give wagon rides (I know they don't mean the little red wagon, but hey, it's nostalgic), grow veggies, make clothes and games, make food on a stove, and visit the farm.


Colorado Kid said...

You took an awesome picture! I am so with you on living in the past. I put a twist on my SS curriculum when it comes to that.

Love your title!

Afreaka said...

I agree with you, Chick.

Awesome picture, too!

Dragon said...

that's an awsome peacock picture. Love it, his tail feathers just glisten. good catch with you p&s.

Cherie said...

All day today I have been thinking about whether I live in the past or the present. When I bought paper plates I thought present...but when I made a homemade peach cobbler I thought past. Isn't that funny how it makes you think about it?

AZ Hey-mon said...

Yes, I enjoy straddleing both past and present. I love helping my kids enjoy both also. You are really good about that.

mjhay said...

Great Picture! I like living a little bit in the past too. I can only take a few days of eating out and microwave meals before I don't feel very good. And nothing can replace the satisfying feeling of growing your own food.