Wednesday, July 1, 2009

182: Camel wool?

When Rick went to Egypt he asked me what I wanted him to bring back. I requested some fabric or yarn. You know how Egyptian cotton is supposed to be sooo luxurious. I figured maybe the yarn would be just as nice. I had visions of deep jewel tones and softness beyond description. This is what he got me. I am grateful he took time out on his trip to shop for me, but.... I asked if he even felt it when he bought it. It even looks scratchy in this photo. This is the scratchiest, roughest yarn I've ever encountered. It must be from a camel or something. I'm going to make him a hat to wear just to punish him. Now I'm on the hunt for some non-wearables to crochet with this straw, I mean yarn.

Today I also heard that an acquaintance of mine was shot and killed by her husband over the weekend before he shot himself. They were separated and she had gone to his house to pick up the kids... It makes me sick and makes me so sad for those kids and their families. I can't stop thinking about it. She was one of the few people I became friends with at the city playgroup when we first moved here. We didn't socialize outside of playgroup and I haven't seen her for a while, but I'm putting this on here so I don't forget her. She deserves at least that.


Clammy said...

That is so funny about the yarn!!! It does look very rough.

And that is SO sad about your playgroup friend.

Colorado Kid said...

I'm glad she had you as a friend. So sad for her kids. :(

Your yarn story is very funny! I love that you would make him a hat. It does look a little pokey. I was all excited when I first saw your title - thinking Carl could bring me some back from Dubai. haha

Dragon said...

that's weird about the yarn. Does it even say what kind it is? Yes, you should make him a hat or scarf with it! LOL He should know that you'd make him something with it and pick some nice yarn for you. Not cheap maybe it's hand spun and not machine processed. Does it smell?
maybe some poor Egyptian made it from the only thing available to her.

So sorry to her about your friend.