Tuesday, July 7, 2009

188: Marie Antoinette and why you don't send Rick to the store

I'm grateful for little unexpected things that make me chuckle!

So, I sent Rick to pick up a gallon of milk at the store. He came back with:

2 liters of Diet Dr. Pepper
2 liters of Mug Root Beer
2 liters of Sunkist
1 box of banana Moon Pies
1 box of hamburger patties
1 bag of hamburger buns
1 bottle of poppy seed salad dressing
1 box of Wheat Thins
oh, and 2 gallons of milk

What the heck?!


Dragon said...

where's the rest of the doll? Was it one of Sophie's dolls?

Chickadee said...

Just a head I found on our walk.

AZ Hey-mon said...

LOL! I love that list. My dad used to do that when my mom sent him to the store. We loved it. I was always bummed when I sent Craig and he came home with only my list items. I was hoping for a suprise.

the dahle family said...

Your last two posts are cracking me up as we've had the same experiences at our house. The best was when J was "teaching" his little bro how to grill and we had some good charburgers that night.

Afreaka said...

At least he remembered the milk!

Colorado Kid said...

Lucky! Carl comes back with hot doughnuts now and says, "I really shouldn't go into Allen's because of the smell of the bakery!"

Clammy said...

Ha ha! Reminds me of Weston.

Chickadee said...

And who picks banana flavored moon pies?! Banana?! Yuck!