Tuesday, July 28, 2009

209: Go back to bed!

Aidan's been planning and talking about his 7th birthday since July 29, 2008. So, of course he was up at the crack of dawn--5:30AM (he's always been an early bird)! Since he wasn't officially seven until 7:27am, I made him wait until then to open the gifts. I'm grateful I'm somewhat of a morning person (just not that early in the morning!).

And yes, that's a big jar of gumballs--his request.


Dragon said...

Which Wii game did he get.

Chickadee said...

Mario Galaxy. He loooves it. It's pretty fun for grown-up kids, too.

Afreaka said...

He looks so happy!

Clammy said...

My kids love that game too!

That is so cute about how excited he was!!!

Happy Birthday Aidan!

AZ Hey-mon said...

holy gumballs, batman!
I like Sophie's lil face questioning his present. "A skinny little box? what fun is that?"