Friday, July 31, 2009

212: Dog days of summer


It's been so hot and humid outside that nobody wants to go out and play (unless there is water involved). And these guys just sleep. Of course, that's all they do during the winter, too. I'm grateful we had decent weather for most of July.


Clammy said...

Thats funny that the light one's head isn't even on the pillow thingie.

Colorado Kid said...

I like their bed. (Where did you find it?)

Do you know that the way they are lying down (the positions of their backs) shows ultimate trust for dogs? (And that Simon rules-haha) Cool. Those boys are gangstas! Tug says hi.

Chickadee said...

This bed is from Target. I love it because the hair vacuums off so easily. They have another different one, but I'm pretty sure this one is their fave.

I kinda figured Simon was the boss, at least most of the time.

AZ Hey-mon said...

They look mighty content.