Saturday, September 5, 2009

248: The last hurrah of the summer

Aidan took his first ride on a grown-up roller coaster. He's hooked. I discovered I can't ride them like I used to.

We ate really un-healthy food.

Did the chicken dance.

Sophie and Oliver drove the lady bugs like they were in a NASCAR race.

Rick tried to ring the bell, but only got heroic effort. He won a prize anyway.

A great way to end summer vacation.

I'm grateful there were rides for even our littlest.


Dragon said...

the tradition continues. That's great that had rides that Sophie could do and that they got a prize, too.

What was it, a town carnival?

Afreaka said...

Yes, I was very disappointed when I discovered a couple of years ago that I couldn't ride roller coasters like I used to. It made me so dizzy!

Sounds like a really fun day for everyone. I love Sophie's face in the picture. She's a driving maniac!

Clammy said...

What a great way to end the summer!