Tuesday, September 8, 2009

251: He was a little nervous.

He's got that nervous smile, but he was excited, too. For the last couple weeks he's been saying he couldn't wait for school to start. I was nervous for him, too. All day. Until his bus dropped him off. It really didn't help that the bus was 30 minutes late this afternoon. That was 30 minutes of nail-biting I really didn't need.

During the two-block walk home I don't think he even took a breath because he had so much to tell me. I'm grateful he's still young enough to want to talk to his momma.


Deborah said...

He is so cute.

Clammy said...

He totally has a nervous smile!
Glad he loved his first day.

Dragon said...

getting way, to big. Sounds like they moved his bus stop, to bad, it was nice having it just on the corner in front of the house.

Afreaka said...

So cute!

My kids' buses were way late coming home on the first day. I hate that!!!

Colorado Kid said...

Awwww...I will love seeing 2nd grade through your and his eyes this year! What a handsome boy! I wish he was in my class. Cool lunchbox!

(Our buses are always late, too. I don't go home until I know they all delivered kids back home and are back at the bus barn...nail-biting with you!)