Saturday, July 31, 2010

212: Cake


Made from scratch, inside and out (except for the creatures). The design was based on a cake I found on flickr. Truly a labor of love. I'm thankful we had the party at the YMCA so I didn't have to plan the entertainment, too.


Afreaka said...

Very cool cake! I bet he loved it. How did the fondant taste?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

It looks fabulous! Like a professional. Did it all taste great? You guys make me want to play with fondant.

Shauna said...

The fondant recipe I used can be found here:

I still didn't care for the taste or texture, but Aidan likes it. It tastes like sugar. It can be flavored, though.

It required lots and lots and lots and lots of kneading to get it right, but once I got there it was very silky smooth and easy to work with. It is waaaaay cheaper than store bought. It would also make fun edible play dough.

I used these chocolate and vanilla cake recipes:

I just substituted the coffee. The cake was like velvet. I think it must have been because of the fine texture of the cake flour.

And I used this swiss buttercream frosting under the fondant and between the layers:

The buttercream came together just as she described and lived up to all the hype. With how hot and humid it has been here I was afraid it wouldn't hold up, but it was fantastic.

Clammy said...

Turned out great! I will have to try that marshmallow one out....see if it tastes better than the one I tried.

What did you use as a substitute for the coffee?