Saturday, August 27, 2011

239: Hurricane Irene hits

The worst of the storm is supposed to hit tonight, but things started up early. Despite the torrential rains and tropical storm force winds the mail was still delivered. I felt for the poor guy. The Postmaster General must be one tough cookie to make the mail carriers get out there. Now the jogger that I saw run past the house was just plain dumb.
Even the Sunday paper was delivered--a day early. It was just the Good Life section (including the comics) and advertisements. I guess they weren't going to make their deliverers work during the worst of the storm.
Rick's idea of 72-hour emergency food supply was a stack of pizzas.

And then at 11:30 am our power went out.


Carolyn (Dragon) said...

That man of yours is nuts! Pizza!

Clammy said...

Hahaha sounds like what Weston would stock up on.

And yeah, that jogger was dumb.

AZ Hey-mon said...

i am with rick!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I am tucking that into my hurricane prep box! "Get 4 pizzas"

Shauna said...

We actually had six but ate two of them the night before.