Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon

Things were not in my favor for running this race!  From having knee injuries since the beginning to fainting yesterday and being in the hospital until midnight to having the ER doc telling me he would not clear me to run the race to waking up with a wicked cold to getting lost on my way to the race and missing the start... despite everything I didn't give up and ran it anyway!  So there.  I could not bear the thought of having trained for 4 months and not being able to run only to have to train all over again to do a later race.  I did it.  I finished in 2:27:07.  I finished in 2:27:07 even though I sprinted 1/4 of a mile just to get to the start line because I had to park so far away and was late because they gave out bad directions.  46th place out of 73 for my age group.  I'll take it.  And my family was there at the finish line to cheer my victory.

The boys ran the kids 1/2 mile race and loved it.  They were so proud. 
Me, too.


Kimberly said...

So so proud of you, Shauna! You inspire me!

Cherie said...

What an inspiring story!!! I am so glad you completed your goal. Congratulations!!!!

Clammy said...

Way to go!!!!