Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Falmouth, Jamaica

 Rick and I left the kids on the ship and went to explore Falmouth by ourselves.

 I thought it was funny that we saw these goats in the cemetery right after we saw the sign on the restaurant that serves goat.

 Freddy, our unofficial tour guide.

 Then we picked up the kids and headed to a pirate show.  The show was a strange combination of Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, and Black Beard.  But the kids loved it and that's what matters.

 Aidan's been wanting to try coconut ever since he saw pictures we brought back from Ecuador.

Our stateroom attendant has started to hang out in the hall around our room after dinner so she can hear the kids when they go inside the room and find her towel creations.  They squeal with delight every time and she gets a big kick out of it.  She'd ask, "Did they see it wearing the sunglasses?"  or "did they like that one?"


Kimberly said...

More amazing photos! Did Aidan like his coco frio (that's what it's called, right?)

And, I think I've seen a photo of Mom wearing a hat and sunglasses like yours..... ;P

Arlene said...

Incredible pictures, but it was hard to focus after seeing Rick's shirt.

Clammy said...

Lol! I had to go back and see what was on his shirt!

Love the photos! Weston and I are going to be going there in February....makes me excited seeing your pictures.