Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another one bites the dust + memories of Dad

Now I've two kids home sick.  I feel so bad watching them suffer.  Sophie is refusing to believe that she's sick.  She said she just ran too much on the playground at school today.  Poor thing has no idea what she's in for with this stomach virus.  We'll make it through.  Always do.  Stay positive.  I will not get sick.  I will not get sick.

Meanwhile, when I told the kids today is Grandpoppa's Day, they immediately burst out "Yay!  We get to eat ice cream sandwiches and watch home movies!"  Well, no ice cream sandwiches because of the sick tummies, but we did watch the home videos.  Aidan likes to tell the story of how Grandpoppa made pb&j sandwiches for the two of them to have a picnic.  While they were outside eating I realized he had used the peanut butter that Rick always dunked the dog biscuits in for their sandwiches.  We all had a good laugh about that one.  Dad was always up for good laugh and a little joking around.  Dad would have been 71 today.  I cherish all the memories I have of him and treasure the few my kids have.  It was fun getting a little note from his twin brother and younger brother today, too.  It warms my heart knowing so many were thinking of him today.

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Arlene said...

Poor Sophie. :(. That is a good story. I love hearing Carl's stories about the brothers. I have always hoped that there would be some kind of movie room in heaven where we could watch movies about everyone growing up and relive memories.