Friday, July 12, 2013

Road Trip 2013: The Big Easy

Driving cross country with 3 kids I knew we'd want to break up the monotony of the road, especially after just returning from our campout 2 days ago.  Our kids travel well, but there's only so much sitting a young body can take, or even a middle-aged body for that matter.  Our first big stop was in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This was on Rick's bucket list.  We spent two days here.  A friend told us a few must sees/must eats that we made sure to hit.  Our hotel was just off the French Quarter.  We walked almost everywhere and the trolly street cars went right past the hotel, so it was very convenient.

 I was intrigued by all the wrought iron work on the buildings.

 We had to explain VooDoo dolls to the kids.  They had some great ideas for what they would do with one.

The iconic Jackson Square.
 One of our must eats was the biegnets at Cafe du Monde.  They're like a donut/fry bread type pastry.

 This guy swindled Rick out of $10.  But it was fun.  He was able to tell Rick the exact city and state where he got his shoes.

 Enjoying the beignets.

 Chowing while we enjoyed the Mississippi River.

 Sophie was enthralled by all the Mardi Gras masks.

 We used the streetcars to get around quite a bit, too, but they proved to be pretty unreliable.  Sometimes they just never showed up.  Sometimes the driver would randomly just stop, say "end of the line!" and make everyone get off.  It made our adventure that much more interesting.

 One of our must sees was the Audubon Aquarium.

 Another must eat was the muffuletta from Central Grocery.  It's a big, yummy sandwich.  Two out of three kids recommend it!

 Jazz bands on the street.
 Gas lights.

 Street performers.
 Whew.  Two jam-packed days.


Clammy said...

HAhahahah!!! When I was in High school we went on a trip there and our teacher warned us about a guy saying that exact thing to get money from us! Poor Rick lol!

Looks like a ton of fun!! Now I want a beignet. =)

Kimberly said...

What a fun adventure you guys had!

Arlene said...

I LOVE these pics! muffuletta is SO good! We love it. Carl makes me make it now. Lol.

Kari said...

Looks fun!