Monday, May 25, 2009


I think this fish turned to make fishy lips at me!

The "zoozeum" has a new Amazon River exhibit. It was pretty cool. All the kids loved it. Aidan's favorite display was one where you shine a flashlight around the jungle and animals jump out at you. Oliver's favorite was one where you stick your hand inside the stomach of a giant catfish and pull out different things that it had eaten. Don't touch the glass at the piranha tank, though. The docent will get after you. I'm thankful Aidan suggested we go there today.

It's been an exhausting but fun long weekend: cooking out with friends, staying up late watching movies with the boys, potty training Oliver (he caught on so fast!)...I wonder if Rick is having as much fun in Egypt? We've been learning a little about Egypt at home, trying to guess what Rick's been seeing and eating. I think it's been fun for the boys.

I think I'll go enjoy some Oreos now.


Dragon said...

what you didn't get to go with him! That stinks. I'm sure he's not eating Oreo's. Sounds like a great newn exhibit.

Afreaka said...

What is he doing in Egypt?

Colorado Kid said...

A flirty fish!! I thought we were all going along to Egypt. :)

Colorado Kid said...

And yeah for Ollie! Whoop whoop!!

Clammy said...

Love the bubbles all over that fish!