Tuesday, August 25, 2009

237: Cops, Cupcakes, and Haircuts

It's been an interesting day and I've had a hard time deciding which photo to post. Do I post a photo of the kids getting their back-to-school haircuts (I guess only one is going back to school)? Do I choose the photo of the yummy cupcakes Aidan made and decorated for our family cake walk tonight (we had to move family night because of Rick's new schedule)? How about the one where I show you how empty the shed is now because last night crooks made off with enough lawn and yard equipment to start their own landscaping business? I didn't actually get a photo of the police officer that came out, but it crossed my mind.

I settled on the cupcake because that really was the highlight of our day. There will be more haircuts. And I'd rather not think about the crooks. I really hope they do start a landscaping business, rather than sell our stuff to buy drugs. And while I'm sure there will be more cupcakes...well, who gets tired of cupcakes?

I'm grateful that I still feel safe in our neighborhood. And like Aidan says, "We're gonna play a trick on them! We put a LOCK on the shed!"


Afreaka said...

Sorry that happened to you guys.

A family cake walk sounds so fun! I'll have to borrow that idea.

Clammy said...

That is awful! I like Aidans trick on the bad guys.

Deborah said...


Colorado Kid said...

We had crooks in NM and I still get a little mad that they robbed us (I was in 2nd grade!). Sorry about your stuff and so glad they stayed out of your house and away from you guys! What a day!

Sheesh...the picture is like a work of art!

(ha...the word verification for this is "trama" ... kinda fitting!)

the dahle family said...

That's awesome of you to focus on the positive things of the day. We had our shovel and rakes stolen from our backyard in AZ. What a lame thing to steal! I mean how much are you really going to get for a shovel? Hopefully they will use the mower, etc. to make an honest living...we can always hope.