Thursday, August 27, 2009

239: Last Day With You Best Friend

What do 7-year-old best friends do on their last 2 days together before one of them moves away? Play with toys, play video games, giggle, talk, eat tacos and ice cream, stay up late, watch Jungle Book, giggle, talk, have a sleep over, have a pillow fight, wake up before dawn, talk, play bumper cars on the swings... pretty much just like any other day. I was dreading the goodbye because Aidan had been talking for months about how awful it will be when his friend moves away. But they just hugged. Said goodbye. Then Aidan watched from the door as his friend drove away. I'm glad there weren't any tears. I think that would have done me in. I'm thankful for the resilience of kids.


Colorado Kid said...

I hate goodbyes. But they sure look happy.

Dragon said...

Sorry to hear that his best friend has moved away. But knowing Aidan it won't be long before he makes another best friend. Thank goodness for telephones and kids ability to bouncy back from most things.

Afreaka said...

My kids' best friends always move away. I think it is always more devastating for me than it is for them, though.