Friday, March 11, 2011

070: A year ago today.


I started several "blog books" over the past couple years but could never finish all the formatting. So I just bit the bullet and didn't bother with the formatting. My first one came in the mail today and I love it--imperfect formatting and all. And I'm reminded that I need to get out more so I don't repeat my photos every year! I can't wait to make the others. I used blog2print to create mine with just a couple clicks.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Oh!!! That's exciting! I think repeating shows what is important to us. :)

Clammy said...

How is the quality on it? I have put one together from there, but was hesitant to buy it (it was kinda pricey) without knowing the quality I was getting for my mula..

Shauna said...

I think it's a nice book. I got the soft cover with color pages. The paper is thick, almost glossy. The photos look nice and the colors printed accurately. My photos are pretty small (I could fit about 6 on a page without text), so I couldn't say how a full page photo would look. The cover is glossy.